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For those who prefer killing roaches instantly, Bengal roach spray in the best option. It has received over 160 positive reviews and rising. You can read Amazon reviews on the link above. It is an innovative dry spray that means it penetrates into deep cracks and crevies for controlling roach residence. The spray has no odor or mess. Not only does it kill the roaches that are conspicuous, it also kills those that you do not see. It also kills as they hatch.      Read More...

Bengal roach spray contains 2 percent Permethrin and Nylar, and is widely considered as the best roach killer in the market today.  It is guaranteed to work or the manufacturer is ready to refund your money.  It flushes out hiding roaches, killing them between 12 and 24 hours. Bengal roach spray can also eliminate ants, crickets, fleas, spiders, and other insects. Once applied, it can prevent cockroach reindentation for up to 6 months and also prevent roach reproduction.

Bengal roach spray has collected about 160 reviews at Amazon. We have displayed some of the reviews courtesy of Amazon. One of the reviewer said that Bengal roach spray works better than an exterminator. She continues to say that she has been having roaches problem that come from other apartments, and she has tried everything including hiring an exterminator. Roaches only disappeared for a while but usually come back again. She has set traps to catch the roaches but only caught 5 to 6 a night. She was introduced to Bengal roach spray by her mother-in-law and bought 2 cans. She went ahead and sprayed the whole kitchen. The roaches stopped coming and the only thing she does is to apply a preventative spray every few months to keep this pest away completely.

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