12 Dupont Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas

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Although Advion German Roach Pest Control Bait Stations work marvelously to eliminate German cockroach species, it eliminate other species too. These bait stations contain Advion cockroach gel bait that has indoxacarb as the active ingredient. It is well known that German roaches are bait-averse but the gel in these bait station is irresistible to roaches.

Advion German Roach Pest Control Bait Stations can quickly control any species of cockroaches, due to the high-performing gel made possible by the superior combination of active ingredients.        Read More...

This product has received a lot of praises for its performance. Below we have included reviews by past users of these bait stations from Amazon. One reviewer said that the Advion bait stations are like crack cocaine house for the roaches. They cannot resist them and they take back the poison to their nest on their way home. Another reviewer said that these bait stations, are the best because the user cannot use Advion gel on top of kitchen counters for fear of the cat eating the poison.

There are other 100s of positive reviews at Amazon view-able though the link above. Also we welcome your review on this page. Feel free to leave one below in the comment section below.

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