5 Top Rated Cockroach Killers in 2017

Updated October 30, 2017

RoachWe have gathered the best 5 roach killers in the market today listed below. As a word of cautionary roaches tend to return over time therefore to eliminate them completely, you will require more than one method. If your premises is highly infested, we recommend that you seek the services of an exterminator. By doing so you will lower the cost of buying expensive pesticides without success of completely eliminating them. If your premises is highly infested with roaches, you can click here for a free estimate from a low cost local pest control services company.

Below are the top rated roach killers based on people's reviews on Amazon and other pesticide websites.

Rank Product Product Type Details


[usr 4.9]
12484 Reviews

Advion Roach Gel Bait

Roach Gel

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[usr 4.8]
536 Reviews

Advion Roach Bait Stations

Traps + Bait [maxbutton id="9"]


[usr 4.7]
2563 Reviews

Pest Soldier Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Electronic [maxbutton id="10"]


[usr 4.6]
213 Reviews

Bengal Roach Spray

Roach Spray [maxbutton id="11"]


 [usr 4.6]
702 Reviews

Trapper Insect Trap

Roach Trap [maxbutton id="12"]

Why are the above roach killers rated the best?

There are so many factors we considered in rating the above roach killers such as users reviews and applicability. The product with the most positive reviews across the internet scored higher points. Let’s look into details why each product scored the way it did in our ranking.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Advion Roach GelAdvion gel scored the highest point due to its effectiveness in eliminating all types of roaches. It scored higher points in wiping out infestation completely. It has over 12600 reviews 90% of them being 5 star at Amazon. It has another 4000 positive reviews at other pest control sites making it the most reviewed pesticide today.

The success behind Advion roach gel is MetaActiveTM compound Indoxacarb. It eliminates German, American, Australian, Smoky-Brown, Brown, Asian, and Brown-Banded species of cockroaches. The formulation is irresistible as it combines a high-consumption bait matrix with a potent, non-repellent active ingredient. Even the bait averse German roaches can’t avoid it.

One of the reviewer at Amazon narrates how she has been very unsuccessiful in elimination roaches in her rental property until she was introduced to Advion roach gel. She says she was very skeptical of its success due to past experience with other pesticides that claim to kill the roaches. Upon applying for the 1st time, she started seeing dead roaches one by one. She had earlier decided to call an exterminator which would cost a lot but decided to try Advion first. She reapplied after every 3 days and with no time, all the roaches were gone.

To maximize its effectiveness people are finding that applying it in polka dot pattern is maximizing the exposure. Others say that this gel is magic as it is wiping out infestation so quickly and effectively.

Advion Cockroach Bait Stations

Advion Bait StationsThis product was runners up in our scoring for the best roach killers. It is made by the same company that made Advion roach gel and it also features the same active ingredient “Indoxacarb”. As opposed to gel, these are bait stations where roaches come in and eat the poison and also carry it to the others in the nest. The active ingredient acts slowly such that the roaches eating it will have time to take it to the others. Roaches eat other dead roaches and the poisoned roaches will die at the nest. Other will start feeding on the dead ones and that’s how the entire colony is wiped out. Just like the gel, these bait stations can eliminate all species of roaches.

Advion bait arenas can protect you residence or a long time and is children and pest safe. Also t does not have an odor.

We scored these arenas high due to the positive feedback it has received. On Amazon, it has scored 5 stars on 77% of its reviews. One of the reviewer said that he had spent 4 months spraying expensive chemicals on a new home and the roaches used to come back each time sprays wear out. He bought the bait stations and after 3 weeks all roaches were gone. There is no need to reapply the baits like he used to when spraying. He continue to say that it might be a little expensive but it is worth it considering the work involved in spraying the pesticides he used to.

Pest Soldier Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Pest Soldier UltrasonicScored high marks due to its effectiveness as measured by positive reviews it has received around the web. On Amazon there are approximately 2545 reviews of this product 75% of them being a 5-star.

For those who do not like dealing with chemicals, Pest Soldier Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is the perfect roach killer for you. It features a cutting edge high density ultrasonic frequencies that drive those nasty roaches away for good. It sends inaudible sound waves that will nag and drive the roaches crazy. They will have no peace in your house the only option will be to leave. Not only does this pest repeller drive roaches away but it also prevent new ones from entering your house. It can also repel other bugs such as; mice, mosquitoes, rodents, fleas, spiders, ants, flies, rats, insects and many bugs. The sound waves it sends are within 20-50 kHz and are inaudible to human and pets ears. One unit of this repeller can effectively treat an area of 200 m2.

One reviewer at Amazon says that he regret buying this product sooner because of the torment he got from mosquitos before he bought this repeller. Another one says that he bought 8 units and they are doing wonders with the roaches. It started with seeing multitude of roaches during the plugin in of the repeller down to one roach every couple of days. He tried exterminators before but the roaches kept coming back.

Bengal Roach Spray

Bengal Roach SprayFor those who like seeing roaches die instantly, Bengal roach spray is the best option. Remember it is always recommended that you treat the roach nest to avoid the roaches coming back. This roach spray can be used with a combination of other roach killers such as gel or electronic repeller.

It is a permethrin based pesticide and it is effective in cracks and crevices. It contain Nylar a chemical that helps prevent re-infestation of roaches for up to 6 months if applied correctly. It also has no mess or an odor. If you live in a residence where you can determine the location of the nest, this is the best product to use.

It has received 5-star on 75% of its reviews on Amazon. One reviewer said that he used this product and it took 1 – 2 weeks to nearly eradicate an infestation in his apartment and only used a can. He continues to say that he only see 1 or 2 baby nymphs once or twice a week. He warns people to not waste their money on other ineffective roach killers. Another one says that Bengal roach spray is better than an exterminator as it killed all the roaches when he sprayed it. He called an exterminator 2 days later who found nothing but treated the house anyway.

Trapper Insect Trap

Trapper Insect TrapTrapper Insect Trap is a multi-purpose trap that can trap roaches, bedbugs, spiders and other crawling insects. It is simply a non-poisonous glue trap that captures bugs. If you are worried about pet or you children ingesting poison found on most pesticides, then these traps are for you. It features a 7in x 3in cardboard which can be used as a whole or it can be divided into 3 separate smaller traps. Attractant tablets are also included for attracting the roaches.

70% of reviewers at Amazon have given these traps a 5-star rating due to its effectiveness. One reviewer says that she was skeptical about the traps but they seem to be catching not only roach, but spiders that are running around in the house. The only problem is that they fill so quickly but that’s how she know that it is effective.

Which method is the best in getting rid of roaches?

All of the above products have been rated the best in getting rid of the roaches, however others are more effective than others. Your preference will also determine which method is suitable for you, for instance; if you have a crawling baby, Advion gel bait or chemical spray might not be good for you. Electronic repeller can suit this situation. On the other hand, if you do not have a lot patience, Bengal roach spray is the best choice. All in all the best roach killer will depend on your preference and situation. Your triumph in choosing your best roach killer will depend on 2 rules that you need to adhere to that will make these bugs unwelcome.

  • Strive to be 100% clean – This should be obvious as roaches like to frequent places that are littered with food particles. Keep all dishes clean after each meal and do not forget to clean the stove immediately after cooking. Starve the roaches and they will feel unwelcomed.
  • Make them Thirsty – Roaches can survive up to 18 days without water. Make a habit of drying everything after cleaning depriving them drinking water therefore feel unwelcomed.

 The above list was developed after a long online research from sites like amazon and other pest control sites and our own research that span 2 years. We always encourage customers to read reviews before they hit the buy button to ensure that you buy the right product.

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