Is Boric Acid Powder an Effective Roach Killer?

Eliminating roaches with boric acid powder is not new, and it has been used for a while. But the question is; is it effective?

Boric AcidPeople who have used boric acid powder for killing comment that it is the most effective for doing this job. Roaches breed fast and can quickly get accustomed to the common poisons available in stores. A friend of mine told me that after using a common roach gel for a long time with great success, roaches are now reappearing. The gel is not working as it used to do. She has gone the boric acid route and it seems to do the trick. Roaches cannot form immunity with the acid.

How does Boric Acid Powder Kills Roaches?

It kills them in 2 ways:

  • When they craw over it, their body get in to contact with the powder. The acid in the powder abrade away the outer waxy layer of the cockroach. This causes it to dehydrate and die.
  • It is a poison to the roach when swallowed. However for them to eat it, it must be mixed with a bait such as sugar


Common Forms of Boric Acid for Killing Roaches

  • Boric acid powder – This is the most common form used for eradicating roaches. You apply it on the path that is frequented by the roaches such as behind the stoves and under the refrigerator. Since the roaches have to pass through the path, they will pick it up on their legs and bodies. It takes some time to kill them therefore they will take some of the powder to the nest and kill others.
  • Boric acid paste – Is a key component of some of the leading gels in the market. It is mixed with other baits in the gel to attract the roaches and kill them by poisoning their stomach.


Drawbacks in Using Boric Acid Powder as a Roach Killer

  • Kills roaches slowly – It might take 2 – 3 weeks to see tangible results and if your roach infestation is pretty bad, it can be frustrating.
  • Not suitable for homes with young children – Toxicity level of boric acid is relatively low compared to other pesticides in the market. The toxic dose for infants is between 2,000mg – 3000mg. If you have small children and infants, then boric acid is not the best way to eradicate this parasite.