Why are German Cockroaches so Hard to Eliminate?

The German cockroaches are found around the world where humans are, and cannot survive where humans are not present. Food and warmth from the humans make the roaches establish colonies. Studies have shown that German roaches cannot survive in cold temperatures, such as the one prevalent in the northern hemisphere, during winter. Adults have tan or light brown color with dark strips on their protonum. Baby roaches appear darker with the same strips.

Why is it Very Hard to Eliminate a German Cockroaches?

There are a bunch of reasons that make the elimination of this little bastards nearly impossible unless with a proven German roach killer. The reasons are highlighted below.

Quick Reproduction – The German roach has 3 developmental stages: egg, nymph, and adult. Females produce egg capsules that are purse-shaped and are light brown in color. An egg capsule can hold up to 48 eggs. A female adult can produce 8 capsules in its lifetime. The average lifespan is between 20 – 30 weeks. It takes from 50 – 60 days for a German roach to mature to an adult from an egg. One female can produce up to 384 offspring’s in its lifetime. This makes it hard to control because, it only take 60 days to mature and start reproduction. The growth is usually exponential.

  • Lack of natural predators – We try to keep our homes clean and tidy and away from any kind of pest. Unfortunately there is no organism that is known to feast on these nasty bastards. Even if there is, it would still be a problem because human don’t like living with other organisms in their homes apart from pets.
  • Immunity and adaptation to pesticides– Most of the baits that were used to kill the German cockroaches were sugary. There is a strain of them that now consider glucose as bitter which is drawback to their control. They can evolve. Baits are economical and effective in killing all the other species of roaches.
  • Survive without food for days – They can survive from 12-18 days without food or water. This makes hard to eliminate because they can refuse to eat your bait and survive up to 18 days, as they wait for the moment when you leave food bits.

Are There Ways to Eliminate the German Roaches?

Sure, they can be eliminated but it might take a little extra time. Below are some of the common ways people use to eliminate them:

  • Strive to be 100% clean – This is most obvious. Roaches like to frequent places that are not clean and with food particles. Make it a point of cleaning thoroughly all kitchen appliances after each use. Food remnants attract them. Vacuum floors regularly and make it a point of eating food only on one spot such as the dining room.
  • Make them thirsty – You need to develop a habit of drying everything. Be it utensils or kitchen top after cleaning them. Even though they can survive for 18 days without water, depriving them for an extended period of time will surely kill them.
  • Use specific baits – There are baits that are specifically meant for German roaches. Even though the little creatures can form resistance to these baits, there are those that have been proven to eliminate them. Just do a little research and you will know the best ones from people who have used them.